In any financial or economic environment, lithium is an attractive investment prospect; with a wide range of uses and demand increasing as technology develops, it is a truly globally sought metal. Lithium will maintain its status as an essential material for decades to come, only increasing in importance alongside future innovations.

As a global supplier of lithium, we have a deep understanding of the demand for it. Its light weight, flexibility and durability make it a key component in smartphones, hybrid/electric cars, pharmaceuticals and much more. Due to our fortunate geographical location, in the South American country of Argentina, one of the three Lithium Triangle countries – we are able sustainably and reliably meet demand from international clients, from Europe to Asia.

The Lithium Triangle, in which Argentina lies together with Chile and Bolivia, is one of the richest areas of the metal in the world, enabling L.T. Extraction works, with our established operations, broad distribution/supply networks, exceptional infrastructure and professional mining experts, to take advantage of the global demand for lithium.

With expansionary aspirations and a vision of long-term, sustainable growth, we are aiming to expand not only our on-the-ground mining operations, but our client base as well, with our team seeking to secure new clients through a first-class supply chain – from the ground to the factory – and efficient operations. Increasing our productivity requires investing in ourselves and in what we do, and for this, we are always looking for investment partners.

If you are interested in growing together with L.T. Extraction works and becoming one of our investment partners, please contact our investor relations department for more information.

We are committed to economical extraction while meeting the ever growing demand for lithium

Currently, Argentina is home to the third-largest reserves of lithium, with an estimated 45% to 50% of the reserves, importantly, economically extractable