Headquartered in Buenos Aires, L.T. Extraction works today is a regional mining industry leader with a principal focus on extracting and supplying lithium. While we have traditionally operated with an inclusive approach, mining a wide range of metals, such as zinc, copper and lead, we have in recent times focused principally on lithium, responding to the growing demand for this particular metal, which is used extensively in consumer electronics in the form of lithium-ion batteries, among other products.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have steadily expanded, going from our humble beginnings as a small, one-site firm to an internationally reputed mining company with a supply network that spans the globe. Today, we supply companies in Asia, Europe and North America with metals, predominantly lithium.


From our inception, we have driven our growth through determination while maintaining our commitment to responsible corporate and social governance. With a focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility and efficient development of operations, we have derived broad benefits which have been shared by stakeholders, shareholders, local communities and employees throughout the company.

We have held on to the idea that only through collaboration and cooperation with everyone connected to the company, both internally and externally, can we become a truly global and successful mining company. Essential to this is our reputation, which we have built through transparency and accountability.

We are committed to economical extraction while meeting the ever growing demand for lithium

Currently, Argentina is home to the third-largest reserves of lithium, with an estimated 45% to 50% of the reserves, importantly, economically extractable